Angie Gooderham

Made by British designer Angie Gooderham.  From early childhood, Angie Gooderham has been fascinated by precious metals, gorgeous gemstones and clouds of beautiful beads.  An inveterate traveller herself, Angie Gooderham has been particularly inspired by the architecture and wildly romantic collections of statuary, antiquities and drawings which Sir John Soane brought back to his family home and which still resonate across the years.  This individually crafted and striking Etruscan collection draws on ancient techniques - lost wax casting methods of two millennia ago - to create exotic, modern and timeless pieces.

Green Roman Acorn Earrings

£100.00 excl. shipping

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Gold Roman Acorn Earrings

£100.00 excl. shipping

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Gold Flower Pearl Drop Earrings

£60.00 excl. shipping

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