Brooch by Vicki Abery-Smith

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This brooch has been created by designer and maker Vicki Ambery-Smith. Ambery-Smith creates delicate and ornate small-scale jewellery and boxes inspired by real and imaginary buildings. 

As all her jewellery is designed to be worn, and worn comfortably, the three-dimensional architectural structures on which she bases her work must be adapted rather than merely replicated in miniature, with the effect of distancing them further from their original referent. In this way, attention is drawn to the form of the pieces, and their intricate detail and definition. Far more than a representation of a building, each becomes an exquisite study of shape, surface, light and space as Ambery-Smith explores the language of architecture herself.


  • Length: 20 mm
  • Width: 40 mm
  • Material: Semi-Precious Metals
  • Pin Clasp
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