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The Third Order of Greek Architecture.  The Corinthian order was adopted by the Romans from the Greeks and was bestowed with the association of beauty and love. It is the most popular of the Greek Orders. Detail has been taken from the Temple of Zeus Olympia, Athena.

The temple was built from designs by Cossutius, a Roman architect. This temple was important as parts of it were taken to Rome where its presence resulted in many copies and the popularising of the Corinthian order.

Sir John Soane used both orders extensively in his practice but favoured the Corinthian saying: "Art cannot go beyond the Corinthian order, correct proportions and of the greatest variety its members are enriched with ornaments of the most exquisite fancy and chaste selection" (Extract from Soane Lecture II first delivered at the Royal Academy on 15 January 1810).


Crafted by Modern Souvenir Company, who use traditional skills and work entirely with British materials

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