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This relief is a copy of a preparatory pen and ink drawing of a woman's head by Leonardo da Vinci. for the painting "Leda and the Swan".  The original painting by Da Vinci was completed around 1508 and was an oil painting depicting a naked female (Leda) embracing a swan, with four babies just hatched from eggs at their feet.

The original painting is believed lost, but a copy can be seen in Wilton House, Salisbury, England.

In Greek mythology, the god Zeus transforms himself into a swan and travels to earth to seduce Leda. On the same night she sleeps with her husband, the Spartan King, Tyndareus. She gives birth to two eggs that hatch. In one is Zeus's children Helen and Polydeuces, in the other, King Tyndareus's, Castor and Clytemnestra.

The plaque is individually made by hand in Bath, England. The material is British gypsum plaster.Produced by Modern Souvenir Company

Height: 21cm and comes boxed.

Shipping times: Due to the nature of the museum we can only ship orders from Tuesday to Fridays. Orders are sent out the next working day via UK First Class.  Delivery to the rest of the world is Standard Shipping and will have different expected arrival dates.  Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding expected arrival dates.

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