Temple of Vesta Model

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Sir John Soane's impressive Model Room has been re-opened to the public and featured within it is the Temple of Vesta Fouquette model, which has been replicated by Timothy Richards. The original model of this replica is just one of twenty in Soane's collection of models. They are amongst the most beautiful objects in the collections of Sir John Soane's Museum and are plaster model reconstructions of antique, classical buildings and monuments showing them in their '...pristine condition, just as they left the hands of the architect, on the day when the magistrates performed the dedication ceremony consecrating them to the tutelary divinities of Attica', as one contemporary writer described them. A unique collection, they were constructed by the French model-maker François Fouquet (1787-1870), probably sometime between 1801 and 1834. Beautifully crafted by master-model maker, Timothy Richards (winner of the 2013 Arthur Ross Award for Artisanship in the classical tradition), in his Bath studio, and an exact replica of the original model by François Fouquet, complete with hand-blown glass dome (not shown).

The replica is beautifully presented and boxed, includes A5 information booklet and is available exclusively from Sir John Soane's Museum.

Approx. size of model: height with the glass dome is 26cms from standing surface; the height of the model itself is 18cms; width of wooden base is 19cms and the width of the model itself is 15cms taken from the bottom of the steps.

Please note that although we endeavour to have these models in stock at all times, they are specialist items and your order may need to be specially crafted. Please contact us to check stock before ordering.

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