Small Egyptian Cat

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Sacred to the Ancient Egyptians, cats were the special attribute of the goddess Bast (Bastet) and were originally depicted as fiercely protective lions. Gradually, this image softened and the goddess Bastet was often depicted as having the body of a woman and the head of a domestic cat. She was perceived as a gentle, protective goddess.

The Ancient Egyptians loved Bastet so much that she became a household goddess, the protector of women, children and domestic cats. She was also the goddess of sunrise, music, dance, pleasure, as well as family, fertility and birth. The cat was a symbol of Bastet. The Ancient Egyptians made many statues of cats like this one to honour Bastet.  Bastet was one of the daughters of the sun god, Ra. A great temple was built in her honour at Bubastis in the Delta.

It was designed and sculpted at the Modern Souvenir Company workshop.

Height 9.5 cm

This cast highlights the simple classical artistry of its period. Made from Gypsum plaster which is a fine silicate and gives the finished pieces a very tactile quality as well as showing off the detail. All of the work is made in the Historic City of Bath using traditional skills and is made entirely from British materials.

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