24 November 2023 - Soane Late: Georgian Illuminations

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This Soane Late gives you the chance to experience the Museum at it's most glittering with an evening themed around our new exhibition: Georgian Illuminations. 

With a drink in hand, join a series of spotlight talks throughout the evening including a Curatorial introduction to our latest exhibition Georgian Illuminations, followed by an 'after hours' viewing of the exhibition itself, themed workshops in the Art Room, and the chance to see light artist Nayan Kulkarni's spectacular façade illuminations developed for the exhibition. 

This exhibition concentrates on specific, well-publicised light shows of the period and the impressive and the elaborate temporary architectural structures created for them, often designed by leading architects and artists, including Soane. Royal entertainments, pleasure gardens, national celebrations, and illuminations by Soane all feature, demonstrating that these ephemeral cultural practices were drivers of architectural and technological innovation.


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