Gold Leaf Cowrie Shell by Lina Iris Viktor

Product image 1Gold Leaf Cowrie Shell by Lina Iris Viktor
Product image 2Gold Leaf Cowrie Shell by Lina Iris Viktor

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Lina Iris Viktor

Edition of 50

Bronze wax-cast cowrie shell, 24-carat gold

Cowrie shells are a recurring motif within Viktor's work in Mythic Time / Tens of Thousands of Rememberings.

Used as a form of currency as early as the 14th century on Africa’s western coast, cowrie shells were traded for goods and services in many parts of the world. This series recognises cowrie shells as precious and sacred symbols, warding away evil and offering good luck and prosperity to the holder. The artist uses them as protective amulets that she keeps around her studio. 

These brass cowrie shells has been gilded by hand with 24 carat gold leaf and can be purchased with or without a hoop attachment. 

Each cowrie shell comes in a small black box and will also be sold with a numbered certificate of provenance. 

Please note that these shells all differ slightly, but they are approximately 2.5cm x 2cm. 

Shipping times: Due to the nature of the museum we can only ship orders from Tuesday to Fridays. Orders are sent out the next working day via  UPS or UK First Class. 

Delivery to the rest of the world is UPS or Standard Shipping and will have different expected arrival dates.  At the moment, we are unable to ship to Europe. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding expected arrival dates. 

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