Grand Tour II: Homage to Soane (after Gandy) Postcard

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Grand Tour: In Search of Soane (after Gandy) 2012 Emily Allchurch

These two works celebrate the legacy of the British Neo-Classical architect Sir John Soane (1753-1837). Each is a reworking of Soane’s ‘built’ and ‘unbuilt’ projects by his architectural illustrator, Joseph Gandy: Perspective of various designs for public and private buildings executed by John Soane between 1780 and 1815 as if they were models in a gallery (1818) and Architectural Visions of Early Fancy, In the gay morning of youth and dreams in the evening of life (1820), respectively. 

For Grand Tour II: Homage of Soane (after Gandy) 2017 Allchurch received a travel grant from a-n to tour the UK and photograph examples of neo-classical architecture which she could then use as a kit of parts to digitally construct Soane’s ‘unbuilt’ projects to appear as though they had in fact been built. These composite buildings have been placed in a hybrid Arcadian landscape comprised of numerous English gardens (from Stourhead to Castle Howard), through to the rugged mountains of Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh and Scafell Pike in the Lake District. 

© Emily Allchurch (b. 1974)

Grand Tour II: Homage to Soane (after Gandy) 2017 Digital Photographic Collage

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