Grotesque Laughing Corbel

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Inspired by the collection of Grotesques filling the Monk's Parlour in the crypt area of the Sir John Soane Museum.  It was with mixed feelings that Soane watched a rising public fashion for the Gothic style.  He designed this playfully sombre space, the Monk's Parlour to satirise this style.  

Taken from the Medieval (C.1380) carvings found upon the misericords and supports from within the choir stalls of Chester Cathedral. This carving from the 14th Century is called Grotesque Corbel and belongs to a category of church and Cathedral carvings known as a Grotesque. Very much like a gargoyle they are ugly little creatures primarily to ward of evil spirits and protect the good citizens and parishioners of the church. The main difference being a Grotesque is often carved from wood and is found on interior decoration, the Gargoyle is found outside made of stone and spouts water from the mouth. A Gargoyle is used mainly used as an elaborate drain exit where excess water from the roof is channelled and poured away. This comes from the French term to gargle. This little man has his tongue stuck out which is one of his most distinctive features, apart from this within the beard there are two smaller faces appearing through is facial hair.

Oakapple Designs Ltd are the only company in the UK with permission to take moulds from original medieval carvings from within the Cathedrals of Britain and to then reproduce them for sale. These reproductions are cast from a resin composite and then stained to give the product all the fine detail, feel and authenticity of the original carving.

Fitted with a ring for hanging. Size is approx 120 mm x 110 mm x 55 mm

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