Make/Shift: Second Home 5 Dec 2018

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In this series, Sir John Soane’s Museum explores changing sites of creativity in London and the increasing versatility of the contemporary workplace. Freelancing, hot-desking and remote working are become progressively popular - and necessary - for artists and designers today; across four talks, we examine adaptable, makeshift locations for work, practice and play within the capital, the architects who create them and the practitioners who use them. Fruzsina Bekefi joins us for the fourth talk of the series.

Second Home is Europe’s most innovative and iconic workspace and cultural venue, bringing together diverse industries, disciplines and types of social businesses. Its creative community includes every possible industry - from fashion and media to technology and professional services - it's the perfect place for innovation to flourish. Thanks to Second Home's world-class facilities, community and support, teams based there grow 10 times faster than the national average. Fruzsina Bekefi is Second Home’s Community and Innovation Programme Manager, who helps curate an educational series called Be Better and develops ways of building tight-knit relationships within the company’s ecosystem. With a background in art history and cultural research, she is a keen observer of London’s creative landscape.

About the series 

Throughout his lifetime, architect, collector and professor Sir John Soane transformed his home at Lincoln’s Inn Fields to accommodate multiple audiences and activities. Soane’s architectural cabinet of curiosities was at once a museum, an office, a home and a school, and each of these utilities can be felt within its rooms today. With Soane’s multifaceted building at the make/shift series’ core, curators, collaborators and designers will discuss the ways in which they use/reuse locations, inhabit/occupy workspaces and manoeuvre/manipulate their own homes in London and across the globe. Make/Shift at the Soane invites the creatives who are forging a career within a fluctuating urban landscape, and changing its psychical and cultural topography as they go.

Doors open at 18:45. We are in a Grade I listed, 19th-century building, so access isn't straightforward. If you require step-free access or extra assistance, please contact us in advance of your booking on or 020 7405 2107.

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