Unexecuted Manocchi Drawing for a Ceiling or a Carpet I, c1765-66

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Overall size of this product is 30 × 40 cm.
The image area of the print measures 22 × 22 cm.

This finished design by G. Manocchi, in the hand of Sir John Summerson, was intended for a ceiling or a carpet but was never fully executed. The design includes a patera in the centre which is encircled by fluting, enclosed anthemia, a band of arabesques, calyx and anthemia, bands of scrolled hearts, a band of arabesques, acanthus leaves, calyx and rosettes, and a border of guilloche, ornamented with calyx, and enclosing lozenges which enclosed rosettes.

This print is colour matched to the original and approved by Sir John Soane's Museum. Every purchase supports the work of the Museum.

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