The Stranger Knight by George Soane

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George Soane, the youngest son of Sir John and Eliza Soane, although a cherub he may seem, was a bit of a rake. Instead of following his Dad’s path - George tried his hand at various careers, including Law and Medicine. He was rejected from the Navy, Army and Church as professions and instead turned to writing, much to the distress of his parents. 

The Stranger Knight by George Soane was originally serialised in The Theatrical Inquisitor between 1812—1815. In compiling this edition the editor, G.M. Mirza, has made as few alterations to the appearance and structure of the original episodes as practicable, preserving wherever possible the work’s distinctive punctuation, archaic words and textual inconsistencies. The result hopefully provides modern readers with the opportunity to enjoy Soane’s Gothic tale in much the same way as his original 19th century audience.



  • Paperback Edition
  • Page Count: 49
  • Dimensions: 150 x 210mm
  • Language: English
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